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Welcome to PLANET COOL

2007-08-05 02:36:30 by ElCapitanEl

A new force of awesome has entered the arena, peoples. Welcome to the lair of the ultimate MAN.

Lurk lurk lurk - all I ever do. Bitch bitch bitch - all anyone else ever does about me. If they notice me. Which no-one does.

"So what now, all-powerful wizardman of the city of Seattle?" I hear you ask. The answer is this:

I am a musician, not a flash artist. I also like to critically review games based on quite high standards having nothing to do with what the programmer has put out previously or is even actually capable of. So this is an announcement of my rise to power. Oh, I know, no one's given me any. But I shall take it anyway!

Boom - and away I go!

Enjoy the regime change. And if you don't.... well, sorry.

Welcome to PLANET COOL